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Unlimited communication with Russian brides

You just pay for a subscription: Silver or Gold and it will allow you to have unlimited communication with all the Russian brides on this site. You can send letters to all the women that catch your interest (the site allows you to use Templates to make it quicker for you to write your first letters).

Possibility to exchange email with all the ladies listed in our agency

You can exchange personal information with the girls that you correspond with. In fact, we think it is best that you get a telephone number from your lady within 2 weeks. When you want, you can exchange emails with her and communicate through your personal email.

Free use of online translator

Some ladies do not know English or any other language, we won't ask you to pay to translate your letters. You can use our free online translator even if you are not a paying member. This will help you to communicate with all the Russian girls on this site, without limitation.

Possibility to put your photos in photo rating

Place your photo in photo rating. Let many girls put marks on it. It will atract their attention to your profile. Look at the photos with the highest ranking, can you put better ones and be the first in the girls' profiles. Rate the girls' pictures, maybe you can find your lady there.

Notification from our special mailer when a girl rated your photo for maximum points

You will have a notification in your mailbox on the site when a girl has put the highest mark on your photo! This is a good way to begin communicating. Communicate with those who like your appearance. Maybe you will have many common interest.

Ways to contact the women on the site

The site offers many ways to initiate contact with Russian women: postcards, winks, ice-breaks, and quick messages.

If you want a better percentage of girls answering your messages, send a short letter to them where you write what attracted your attention to their profiles. Be a gentleman!

Advice from a psychologist

Do you want to seek the advice of our psychologist reguarding your relationship with your Russian wife or bride? Or is there something that worries you that would like to discuss. Please feel free to ask our psychologist.

Anti-scam program

We have our anti-scam program, that helps us to sort out most scammers that target dating sites. It is a problem with all Russian dating, that several active criminal groups, acting under different names and pictures discredit all Russian girls and dating. Of course, it is impossible to be 100 percent sure that we do not have them, but our system (subscription) helps us to keep good contact with our users and act very promptly.

Online chat

Is there something you don't understand? Would you like some help? We will work with you individually. You can always contact us for support, chat online and talk with the manager. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may need help with.

Who is online now

Unlike other sites where you can only see when a girl has registered (or maybe not even that). I can assure you that it doesn't mean much! A girl can register today and not appear again on the site for a month or more, or not at all. Maybe she was just curious. We put the information as to when she last visited the site. You can write to girls who come regurarly to the site, who are serious and understand that building a relationship takes time and devotion. Or you can try to write to a girl who has not visited the site for some time. Nobody has written her so she has not come to see her empty mailbox.

If your sweetest dream is to marry a beautiful Russian woman, than our site is the right place for you!

The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with "Russian brides" is that we provide real dating services. We do not sell emails or any information about our clients. Here you can use one of the safest ways of dating a Russian girl on the Internet.

The site has many useful features to help you find your Russian bride, and it has an effective multi-level anti-scam program.

Near some of the profiles of the girls on this site you can see the words "Verified information". It means that we checked out the girl, either she is from St-Petersburg and we checked her papers personally or she is from another city and sent her paperwork to us by mail. These girls are real, they are really the age and marital status listed in their profile.

The identity of the photos and names does not guarantee that their personality as described in the profile is acurate ( we all want to look at our best ). We check the information using psychological Test (PI), acknowledged by specialists as the best method. The test is so perfect and precise, that even its creators can't fool it.

Sensible people usually don't trust just their intuition when solving serious problems. The PI test estimates 25 factors of a couple's compatibility. You will find the results of express-estimation placed near the photo of each girl and get a precise and detailed scientific prognosis of your future relationship.

Three kinds of agencies where you can meet a Russian bride

Sites where you pay for each letter "delivered to a girl".

The most expensive and unreliable way to meet Russian brides. Men are told by these agencies that Russian ladies do not have the Internet at home, so the Russian girls have to come to the office to read their letters. Men can buy their contact information- postal address and name with surname. But as postal mail goes very slow men have to use the services of these agencies and pay for each letter "delivered to her" and her replies.

There are several things that seem mysterous to me about this: 1.Where do they find so many women who do not have the Internet at work or at home, or who can't go to an Internet cafe? Yes, 8 years ago, only 20 percent of women had access to the Internet and had email addresses. All others had to come to the agencies to write and read letteres. But 8 years have passed since then and the situation has changed rather radically. And even 4 years ago I met on these sites girls who had emails on my sites, but not on theirs. Very strange!

2. Many such sites offer to pay for delivery of the letter to a girl and will guarantee a reply from the girl. But these girls are not cars, nor computers. How can you guarantee a reply? If she does not like him? (yes, yes, the girls also have their preferances, their likes and dislikes). Beautiful girls receive a lot of attention, why should she answer all 100 men who write to her?

3. The third puzzling thing is that: I helped some men, who've asked me to deliver letters to girls whose postal address they bought. I've sent special letters that are sent with confirmation, the postmaster checks that the letter is delivered to people living in the flat personally, get their signature and send a confirmation back that the letter was successfully delivered. It was very puzzling. People that had these postal addresses received the letters all right, but no answer. To send back a letter was free for these girls (but I doubt, that it was girls, the letters were sent nice interesting, active men and .. no answer) - there were return envelopes in the letters. But alas, no replies were ever sent.

4. The fourth thing that puts me on guard is that a lot of beautiful Russian girls write there to men. My experience tells me that if a girl is beautiful and has great photos, if she is not a scammer, she can write to men (but only on the first day of her membership), when she does not know yet if she will get many replies or not. But then she gets many letters, and doubtfully will write back to these men. She will have to spend a lot of time answering her mail (it is quick to answer by computer, but to write all those letter by hand as we are told by these agencies is a formidable task)

And this kind of site is really exspensive. On my site, when a man comes to Russia to meet his lady, they have exchanged by that time at least 100 letters. Some manage to write about 50 letters each day, and so write about 1000 letters or more before meeting this woman. If a man pays 3 USD for each letter can you imagine the price for building a relationship with one woman (assuming she is real).

Sites where emails of Russian ladies are sold.

The sites that sell Russian women's emails are better. But if you want to make it an honest business, it is sooooooooo hard to support!! (About 2 years ago I tried to set up one of my sites to sell the Russian ladies' emails. It was awful!

The girls manage to change their email address, with the previous one blocked or just not being used anymore. The girls do not always tell us about this on time. But some men ask for a refund because of this.

It is extremely hard to catch scammers (not all of them have the same ip addresses so that you can block them this way). A beautiful girl registers on the site, nothing suspicious ( you can't just block her because she has a beautiful face and a great figure!), then you activate her, immidiately 20 men buy her email address and other information, and only in a month you learn that she is a scammer (on a subscription site it is easier. Scammers want to have as many victims as possible and so write, write, write to all men who don't know if they are interested only in them, that they have just looked at their profile (without photo, hmm) and fallen in love. So only a look into their mailbox or a complaint from any man is enough to make this girl look suspicious and begin checking her out and then deleting her if she turns out to be a scammer). But how can you do this on a site that sells email addresses?

The third problem that I faced when trying to build this kind of site is the problem of choice. Yes, you can sell the ladies' email addresses but you can't make them answer the men. A girl can loose interest (yesterday she had a big fight with her boyfriend and applied to some marriage agency, today, she is in love with him again) or she doesn't like the man who has written to her. The girls are not goods, they are free to make their own choices, and if a girl is beautiful she can get about 20 letters a day, (yes, some sites offer them money for answering, but I think this practice is dishonest). It is understandable that nothing serious will come from this, (the man will just waste his time). But again the men do not even know if their letter has reached the addressee.

The next problem is that some Russian women who registered on the site manage to find a man whom they want to see as their partner in life very very quickly (it can be one or two weeks). They register, two weeks of communication with different men and then they delete themselves from the site because they found their one and only. They want to try to build a relationship with him. On a subscription site this is fine, she deleted herself and the next day the men see that she is deleted and not interested any more. But if they bought her email, why has she disappeared, there is no-one to ask. To say nothing, of the many agencies that prefer not to deactivate this women's profile even after she asked to have it deleted. If this profile brings you about 100 USD a day, would you want to kill this hen, who lays golden eggs?

Subscription sites

This site is a subscription site. It means that you register and after you pay you have full access to the system. You can write to any girl that is in the gallery, the girls reply to your mailbox on the site. You have different ways to show your interest to the girls of your choice. They are able to do the same. The Russian women do not pay on this site, they become gold members after we check their profile and activate it. If you like the girl, and she likes you, then you can choose to exchange personal email addresses and communicate there or you can choose to use this site to communicate (some couples prefer this because our site has a free online translator). You can at any moment hide your profile - then only the girls with whom you have written will see your profile, all others won't see you in the gallery.

This kind of sites has problems also. 1. The main problem is that some men prefer to take it slowly - they send numerous winks to each girl that has caught their interest, then they send her postcards, next an ice-break. But after 20 or so attempts the girls get tired because they think the man is not sincere and delete themselves from the site (especially if men try to pressure the girls into answering them with these tactics).

2. The second problem is that some men register and wait for "beautiful young Russian girls to write to them. But then they become disillusioned: (we have thouroughly cleared the site of scammers, so the "girls" with great photos writing to all men from 20 to 80 do not operate here) the men have letters but not from those Russian models they want, sometimes they have children, sometimes they aren't the right age and so on. These are real girls and we can't make a beautiful 25 year old girl write to men that are as much as 55. She is free to choose. If a man wants her, he should let her know and hopfuly she will respond.

3. We have no control over the girls. We can delete them if they act improperly, but that's all. A girl can come to the site one day, then wait 2 months, then come many times, then again disappear for some time. We can even phone to them and ask to answer the letters, but they have, for example "the winter blues", and it gets on their nerves, they feel dark, cold and do not think about relationships and no hope of anything good, but then the spring comes and their mood changes and suddenly she is full of hope and plans. She comes to the site every day and only then finds somebody.

4. This kind of service is good for russian women who can spend a lot of time on the Internet. They come to our site, and they appear on the first pages when the men are searching and they recieve many letters, but others who register and do nothing but wait to be notified of new letters will be dissappointed when no letters arrive.

Free sites

I am not against free sites for international and regular dating. If people can support and develop the business by having advertising on their pages, then it is all right. But usually these sites have the following problems:

1. They very rarely can give full time support to their site, and scammers manage to register and send many messages before they are deleted. That is, if they are deleted. We spent 3 years in development before we came up with our multi-level anti-scam protection to help sort out good girls from scammers.

2. The next problem is that women are not protected from the new kinds of Nigerian scams that target the women by pretending to be American men.

3. We have on our site psychological testing and an online translator, I do not understand how it can be provided on the free dating sites. And in my opinion, it is easier to pay 39 USD for a year, than to use a free dating site, and then come to Russia ( pay 3000 USD for the trip) and find out that the girl is not compatible with you. This kind of free site can provide you with basic dating. But do you think it is worth the risk when you are trying to find the girl of your dreams.

The most common mistakes men make when they search for a wife in Russia:

1. Men judge the quality of a women by their photos alone. It may be that a beautiful woman has not submitted a good photo, while others have very glamorous photos, as if they were taken from a fashion magazine. 20 percent of the women receive 80 percent of the letters, and so a man will have a much better chance for success if he takes into consideration the women in the 80 percent category.

Men do not pay attention to psychological test. But compatibility is essential to their future happiness. They will live with a woman, not with her pictures. They will be unhappy if they have a beautiful wife that does not share their energy, core values, etc...

Quite recently I talked with a man from Spain, he was complaining about several Russian ladies he had gotten acquainted with on the Internet. They were completely breathtaking in their pictures, but when he met them, they were quite plain looking, not extraordinary, not the supermodels he was expecting.

But while walking along the streets of St-Petersburg he saw many beautiful Russian girls walking along the streets, they were not in hurry, but were talking with their friends, and laughing a lot. Why were the Russian ladies that he had come to meet tired and dull, instead of the happy, care-free, adventurous ladies he was hoping for? It can happen. If a girl is exhausted from her job (she is, for example, the sole provider for her child or she needs to rent an apartment, which is very expensive in Russia ) she does not look her best, and you can't imagine how much she changes after she is rested. As it happened, all the Russian girls that he met were hard working and he saw them only after a full working day (in one case after a night shift). And he saw in the street Russian girls who were on holiday or were students, on vacation or even had no work, (their boyfriends cared for them). And thus created a very dramatic difference!

2. The second mistake men make who are looking for a Russian brides goes along with the first. Many men are searching for a woman that looks like a model, they want to be the envy of all their friends. But they also want to live with a normal, warm, kind-hearted, faithful woman.

But most girls who look like models do not want a real relationship, they just want men's admiration, they want to be the center of attention. But they do not need closeness, intimacy, or warmth. And even if there is such a paragon who combines a model's appearance with warmth and comfort. They are very rare. We have a joke about it: Two men are sitting near a fireplace. One man says looking into the fire. In my whole life I was never able to marry. - Why? - I was always searching for the perfect woman for me. - And? Didn't you find her? - No, I found her. But I was not the perfect man for her. It is a sad joke but I have met some men who were acting this way, and have found them on various sites over the last 10 years.

3. The next mistake is an inability to chose! Men just can't stop (some women are into this too).They become enamored with the journey, instead of the destination. They find someone, they meet in person and everything is going great but they continue to look, and look for new women. They are poisoned by an idea that maybe somewhere there is a woman who is better, and more interesting. They do not understand the distinction between the perfect woman and the perfect woman for them.

4. Men register to a site, but they do not wish to place a photo or they place a terrible photo. Some men are under the illusion that pictures mean nothing to women. Because it is the men who choose by pictures. Women prefer that men write something clever about their profession or their hobbies. Yes, it is good, the more you write about yourself the better, but for women a lot is determined by your pictures. They do not want men to look like models (in fact, male-models will most likely frighten them away, but they do want to see your smile, to see your eyes, to feel a sense of calmness and reliability about you. For some it is important to see you in your home. And only then will they read about your hobbies and your interests or whatever it is that you like. They are often easy victims of scammers. Scammers do not pay attention to pictures and are ready to answer or write about themselves without asking for new pictures.

5. About 50 percent of the men who register on this site prefer to sign on and then just wait for beautiful Russian girls to write to them. Guess who gets more letters, more choices and more chances to find their love, the 50 percent who are just sitting and waiting for their dream girl to write to them or the men who are actively searching themselves and who reply to the women who write to them? Yes, the second group has a much higher chance, especially if you take into account that many women do not want to take the initiative, they have a very traditional view about this and regard men as the initiators.

6. But the strategy that surprises me the most is the attitude of some men who need endless confirmation that a particular woman wants to communicate with them. They send the women a wink, receive a letter or a wink in return, then send her a postcard, receive something, then wink, wink, wink, after 6 such "signs of attention" most women begin to get tired of this and stop answering. They continue to send these signs to the women of their choice, but most Russian girls have already lost interested in them.

7. The last common mistake men make is that they want to find as many women as possible to visit in Russia and only then will they come. But in reality women who were interested, loose interest after a period of time and search for somebody else. Men continue their search in an attempt to find more ladies, but again, these ladies do not want to wait for an unknown period of time and give up because he will not tell her when he will come. It is an endless process for her.
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